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PTA's “Reflections” Program
This Year's Theme (2013-2014): “Believe, Dream, Inspire”
Next Year's Theme (2014-2015): “The World Would Be a Better Place If ...”

child, & hundreds of thousands of others, pre-school thru high school, all over the country!
National PTA's art contest -- each year, kids create art works inspired by a common theme!
Kids -- express yourselves!
Each PTA sets its own deadline (usually around mid-October). Please ask your PTA Reflections Chair!

Use your imagination! It's more about creative interpretation of the theme than about technical skill.
At your school. (Your PTA must be participating in the Reflections program.)

  (1) Have fun!
  (2) Encourage participation.
  (3) Build appreciation of the arts.
  (4) PTA supports the arts!
Maya, Grade 1
Why Not?
If your child wants to participate, but your PTA doesn't do Reflections, please consider starting a Reflections program at your school! It's lots of fun. The kids will love it. You can do it -- & we'll help! Find out how -- write to Diane Straetker or call 408-472-9642. Thank you for supporting the arts!
Anita, Grade 9

Grade Divisions
Arts Areas
P thru 2
3 thru 5
6 thru 8
9 thru 12
Special Artist
all grades
Music Composition
Visual Arts
Dance Choreography
Film/Video Production
This year (2013-2014):
"Believe, Dream, Inspire"
Past & Future years:
see below for contest info!

Rules & Details

Each entry must follow the General Rules and the rules specific to the type of artwork being submitted.
General Rules (for all arts areas)
Special Artist Rules (for all arts areas)
Specific Rules
for each
arts area

Very Important!
¡Muy Importante!
(1) Each entry must be your child's original creation.
(2) Interpretation of the theme is more important than technique!
(3) Each entry must follow rules of size & content for its arts area.
(4) Each entry must have a fully completed entry form attached to it!
(5) Entries with incomplete entry forms will be disqualified.

Entry Form

Not downloadable from this web site.
Please get partially pre-filled entry forms
from your PTA Reflections Chair.

Reflections Themes & CONTEST!
  (Click here to show past years.)
This Year
Believe, Dream, Inspire
Next Year
The World Would Be a Better Place If ...
Students -- submit your ideas!

The theme for 2014-2015 has been selected. The winning student received $100 and recognition at the National PTA Convention in Cincinnati, Ohio, in June 2013.

In the Fall of 2013, an individual student or a local PTA/PTSA will be able to submit a student's suggestions(s) for the theme for 2015-2016. The theme may include a wide variety of subjects that will appeal to students in preschool thru grade 12. The winning student will receive $100 and recognition at the National PTA Convention in Austin, Texas, in June 2014.

To submit ideas, please fill out the Entry Form (see below), print it, and send it (snail mail only, not e-mail or FAX) to

California State PTA
Attn: Reflections Theme Search
2327 L St.
Sacramento, CA 95816

DEADLINE: entries must be received in Sacramento by Friday, November 1, 2013.

Theme Search for 2015-2016
Entry Form
Past Themes (printer-friendly version)

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