Sixth District

California Sixth District PTA
Santa Clara County, California
Units & Councils

Palo Alto Council of PTAs

Sixth District PTA Santa Clara County Office of Education 408-453-6500 (map)
Palo Alto Council Palo Alto Unified School District 650-329-3700 (map)

PTA Unit School
Addison Addison Elementary 650-322-5935(map)
Barron Park Barron Park Elementary 650-858-0508 (map)
Juana Briones Juana Briones Elementary 650-856-0877 (map)
Duveneck Duveneck Elementary 650-322-5946 (map)
El Carmelo El Carmelo Elementary 650-856-0960 (map)
Escondido Escondido Elementary 650-856-1337 (map)
Fairmeadow Fairmeadow Elementary 650-856-0845 (map)
Walter Hays Walter Hays Elementary 650-322-5956 (map)
Herbert Hoover Herbert Hoover Elementary 650-320-8106 (map)
Lucille M. Nixon Lucille M. Nixon Elementary 650-856-1622 (map)
Ohlone Ohlone Elementary 650-856-1726 (map)
Palo Verde Palo Verde Elementary 650-856-1672 (map)
JLS Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle School 650-856-5188 (map)
Jordan David Starr Jordan Middle School 650-494-8120 (map)
Terman Terman Middle School 650-856-9810 (map)
Gunn High School PTSA Gunn High School 650-354-8200 (map)
Palo Alto High School PTSA Palo Alto High School 650-329-3701 (map)


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California Sixth District PTA
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